The right mattress for all your needs

Snook Knight Mattress

Premium Foam

King Size

King Size Mattress



Sink in, but don’t get swallowed alive – the 5 zone layered Knight ensures it. Whether you sleep on your side, back or wedged between something awkward this mattress adapt to your sleep shape. With just the right touch delivering balance, the Knight cradles your shoulders, hips and problem areas by gently contouring to your body.

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12-inches Multi-layer premium foam imported from Sri-lanka for advance temperature control

A soft, black cover features our signature stripes in gold for a bed that's comfortable and beautiful.

The Knight

Foam base layer provides support and durability for all body types and sleep positions.

Advanced technology that actively respond to your movement and sleeping style.

Snook Foam Plus Mattress

Multilayer foam

Twin Size


Full size 6-inch multilayer fill size mattress. Perfect for children and young teenagers. Accommodate any style frame.

Snook Foam Plus Mattress

Multilayer foam

Full Size


Full size 8-inch multilayer fill size mattress. Fits any style bed frame. Perfect for teenagers and young adults.

Snook Roayal Mattress

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Queen Size


Queen size 12-inch gel memory foam Hybrid. Intergraded suspension system for superior comfort.

Designed for performance

Built to fit all bed frames


Professional service for all your personal needs


Carefully crafted fabricate for longevity